How Could I Live without You


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How Could I Live without You

E	    B/D#	     C#m 
How could I live without You 
	   B        A 
How would I survive  
	         Bsus	           G#m 
without Your love, without Your touch 
You're the one that heals me 
	      C#m  C#m/B 
cleanses my heart 
        A   C#m Bsus B 
 And sets  me  free

C#m A Now I come right before You E/G# Bsus B with my hands lifted up C#m A And my heart humbly bowed E/G# Bsus B at Your work on the cross C#m A As You hung there and died E/G# B A You were paying the price for my life Bsus4 B7 For my life
Tag E For your love A is higher than the heavens B C#m deeper than the sea A B7 all I want is you in my life E A No one else can satisfy my soul B C#m C#m/B and makes me feel this way A B E Only you Lord only you

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