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Hear Our Praises Chords


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by Limerox

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Hear Our Praises

  		Verse 1 
C         Csus                 C       G/B 
  May our homes be filled with dancing, 
Am        F                      Gsus 
  May our streets be filled with joy; 
C       Csus           C   
  May injustice bow to Jesus 
Am       F              Gsus 
  As the people turn to pray. 
C G/B F/A From the mountain to the valley, Am7 Em7 F Gsus Hear our praises rise to You; Csus/G C G/B F/A >From the heavens to the nations, Am7 Em7 F Gsus C (Csus C Csus) Hear our singing fill the air.
Verse 2 C Csus C G/B May our light shine in the darkness, Am F Gsus As we walk before the cross; C Csus C G/B May Your glory fill the whole earth Am F Gsus As the water o'er the seas. Bridge F Dm7 Am7 Em7 Hallelujah! Hallelujah! F Dm7 Gsus G Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

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