Hillsong Youth

You Will Never Lead Me

Hillsong Youth

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by  FER_1989_G12

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You Will Never Lead Me

	  		Intro:A  E  B  A  E  B 

{VERSE 1} 
           A                     E         
Lifted up from my brokenness 
               B                  C#m 
By your hands, now to stand 
                A                         E 
From the ash I have been restored 
      B                      C#m 
I escape from sin to grace 

A E You?re not gonna leave me B C#m You?re not gonna leave my side
{VERSE 2} A E Love that reaches to where I am B C#m Holds my soul and won?t let go A E I?m falling back to Your arms of grace B C#m That took our sin and gave us peace Other: A E B C#m A E B C#m {BRIDGE} A E You give me hope give me grace B C#m You give me life and guide my way A E As the storm closes in B C#m You?re the light that keeps me still Final: A E B C#m A E B C#m

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chords Hillsong Youth - You Will Never Lead Me
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