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This Love Chords

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by Fer%5F1989%5FG12

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This Love

  		Intro: D   G   Bm   G |  D   G   Bm   G 

{VERSE 1} 
      D           Bm                         F#m 
Oh You captivate my broken heart 
By the depths of Your love 
      D                 Bm  
For I once was blind 
      F#m                   Em      D   G   Bm   G 
So confined by this world  
D                                      Bm             F#m 
And You transform my mind as You align 
Every thought with Your call 
        D                   Bm                  F#m 
And words are not enough so I decide 
To live my life for Your glory 

{PRE Chorus} 
A                             Bm                  G          
You brought me from darkness to light 
A                           Bm            G 
Now I've found my purpose in life 

D I give my life to the One I love my Saviour Bm I give my life to the One I love A G You're holding me now A This love will not end D Bm G D Bm G D You┤ve saved me
{VERSE 2} Bm G D Bm Oh You gave Your life for us so now we G D Live this life according to Your will Bm G D Your hope is beating strong in me Bm G D Let every part in me be faithful to Your call

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