Hillsong Youth

None Beside You

Hillsong Youth

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by  FER_1989_G12

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None Beside You

	  		Intro:C   F   C/E  (2x) |  Dm  Am  F  C 

Verse 1: 
       C         F              C 
My life is a life for your cause 
       C         F                  C 
My will it decide for your call 
       Dm                   Am               F 
And reserved all the depth Of my heart 
Only for You  

      Am              F           C 
I?m called in the rivers of gr 
         Am           F           C 
They overcome all of my ways 
       Dm         Am                   F 
We align in each step that we take 
To live for Your glory  

            G           Am          F 
There?s none beside You God 
            G           Am          F    C 
There?s none beside You God  

Verse 2: 
          Am          F             C 
You?re there in dark of the night 
           Am           F                   C 
While holding the sun and its light 
                    Dm               Am     F 
Through the triumph and trials of life 
There?s no one beside You  

         Am                 F                     C 
Your voice calls the stars by their name 
        Am               F                 C 
You whisper them all to their place 
           Dm           Am              F 
To testify of Your wonder and praise 
Both now and forever  


             G       Am              F 
I live my life to shine Your light 
                         G          Am           F         
?Cause there is none beside You God  

Other: C   F   Am   F 

No eye has seen, no ear has heard 
The depths of Your love Lord 
No mind can find them 
The love You deserve, how great You are 

Final: C 

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