Hillsong Young And Free


Hillsong Young And Free

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Capo on 4th fret

verse 1 

A spark in the night, a flame of hope 
Spirit of God within my soul 
Alive within my heart 
The life in my bones 

You lifted by eyes towards You Lord 
Teaching my heart to draw in close 
To the all consuming God 
Our great unending hope 

Em D As ember fans into flame I'm revived within Your Name Em Cadd9 Your Spirit lives within me Your spirit lives within me Em D This fire burns in my soul Let the light of heaven glow Em Cadd9 For all the earth to see You All the earth to see You
Interlude G D Woah Woah verse 2 Spirit leading me each day Casting a light to lead the way My God stay the path You call me onwards Here in all holiness on earth Blazing forever glorious You're the all consuming God Our great unending hope Chorus Interlude G D Em C Em D Em C Bridge Em For all of this life D Your Spirit ignites Em A heavenly fire C Untouched by the night Em You opened our eyes D Turned death into life Em Revealing all truth G There's no one like You Chorus Interlude Bridge

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