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Love Of The (live) Chords

Hillsong Worship

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by johnromark

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Love Of The (live)

  		Intro | Em / | Em / | G / | G / | 

verse 1 

Em                        G 
You put Your love on the  line 
    Em                              G 
To bear the weight of sin that was mine 
Em                  G 
Washing my river of wrongs 
Em                            G 
Into the sea of Your infinite love 

D With arms held high, Lord I give my life Em Knowing I'm found in Christ C In Your love for ever D G D With all I am, in Your grace I stand Em The greatest of all romance C Love of God my Savior Instrumental | G / | G/B / | D / | D/A / | | Em G | C / | Am7 / | verse 2 Em G Am7 Mercy roars like hurricane winds Em Em/B G D Furious love laid waste to my sin Chorus Instrumental | G / | D / | Em / | C / | Bridge G To the One who has rescued my soul D To the One who has welcomed me home Em C To the One who is Savior of all I sing Forever |2x}

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