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He Lives Chords

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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by gustsilva

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He Lives

  		Intro: C   Fadd9  Gsus2 

verse 1: 
C               Fadd9  Gsus2 
 Darkness can't hide   You 
C                Fadd9 Gsus2   C 
 Death could not hold  You down 
             Fadd9 Gsus2   Am 
You stand victo -  rious 
             Fadd9 Gsus2 
Great is our Sa -  viour 

 He lives, reigning in power 
  He lives, Name above all names 
F     C    Am    G 
 Hallelujah, now forever 
F     C    Am          G    C 
 Hallelujah, Christ is risen 

Instrumental:  ( C )  Fadd9  Gsus2 

verse 2: 
C         Fadd9 Gsus2    
 Open our eyes, Lord 
C               Fadd9  Gsus2  C 
 Reach out Your hand   to   save 
           Fadd9 Gsus2     Am 
Heal every bro - ken    heart 
              Fadd9 Gsus2 
Great are You Je -  sus 
C              Fadd9 Gsus2 
 Great are You Je -  sus 


Instrumental (x4): F   F - G - Am    Dm - C - G    C/E - C - F   C/E  

Bridge (x4): 
C/E   F  F   G Am 
   He is ho  - ly 
Dm     C   G     C/E  C     F    
Christ our King, Ma - jes - ty 

Chorus (x2) 

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