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Difficulty: EasyEasy

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Year: 2005 - Album: Look To You

Key:  C More
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Intro: Dm  C  G  Am  Dm/F  C/E  E  Am (repeat) 
Verse 1: 
Dm        C   G        Am 
Light of men, love of God 
Dm/F     C/E    E          Am 
Healing for the wounded heart 
Dm      C      G          Am 
Like a child I quiet my soul 
Dm/F       C/E      E   Am    Dm C/E F Dm C/E Gsus 
Hear Your voice surround me Lord 
C  G          Am         F      C         G 
Jesus hold me into Your heart, into your heart 
C       G/B        Am        G               F 
Lord my soul delights and I know You hear my prayer 
         Am   G 
Take me deeper Lord 
Other 1: 
Dm  C  G  Am  Dm/F  C/E  E  Am 
Verse 2: 
Dm        C     G            Am 
Glorious Son to You I shall bow 
Dm/F    C/E  E        Am 
Bow my knee  bow my will 
Dm         C     G                Am 
Cherished by the strong and the weak 
Dm/F    C/E         E   Am    Dm  C/E  F  Dm  C/E  Gsus 
Humble hearts shall hear You speak 
Other 2: 
F  C  G  C  F  C  Gsus 
F             C             G          C 
And by Your love, Lord, You opened by heart 
         F           C      Gsus 
Now Your light will shine always 
F         C              G          C 
By Your word, Lord, Your promise secure 
       F           C    Gsus 
And my soul will live always 
F       Am     G F 
Take me deeper, Lord 
        Am     G F  C  G  C  F  C  Gsus 
Take me deeper, Lord 
F  C  G  C  F  C  Gsus 


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