Hillsong United


Hillsong United

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	  		Intro: A  F#m  F#m  D  D  

Verso 1: 
You can take my dry bones 
Breathe life into this skin 
You called me by name 
Raised me to life again 

Verso 2: 
You can calm the oceans 
Speak peace into my soul 
Take me as I am 
Awaken my heart to beat again 

F#m D A Oh Jesus F#m D A Oh Jesus D F#m Oh Jesus E A Alive in me
Verso 3: You move in the unseen You set the captives free As I stand and sing You're breaking the chains off me Ponte: D Breathe in me Your life I can feel You are close now A I can never hide You are here and You know me F#m All I need is You And I love You, I love You A E I love You, I love You D Breathe in me Your life 'Til Your love overtakes me F#m Open up my eyes Let me see You more clearly A Falling on my knees 'Til I love like You love E Like You love me I love You

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