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Alive In Us Chords

Hillsong United

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by tercmoraes

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Alive In Us

Intro: C9  G  Em  C9 (2x) 

verse 1 

Great is Your love 
Let the whole Earth sing 
Let the whole Earth sing 
You reached for us 
From on Heaven's throne 
When we had no hope 

You are the way 
            Em D 
There is no other 

C9 G Em D You rose from death to victory C9 G Em D You reign in life, oh Majesty G C9 Em D Your name be high and lifted up G C9 Em D C9 G Em C9 Jesus, Jesus alive in us
verse 2 G You outshine the sun Em You are glorious D You are glorious G Lord over all Em You have made us new D We owe it all to You Pre-Chorus 2 C9 In everything Em D Be exalted Bridge C9 G The enemy is under Your feet Em We are free D We are free C9 G Death has been defeated by love Em You overcome D You overcome

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