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by kellesdaniel

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	  {INT} -> C - Am7 - G - Em - Am7 - C/D   
G D/F#   
Who compares to you  

Em G/B   
Who set the stars in their place  

C G/B   
You who calmed the raging seas  

Am7 Dsus  
That came crashing over me  
G D/F#   
Who compares to you  

Em G/B  
You who bring the morning light  

Cmaj7 G/B  
The hope of all the earth  

Am7 Dsus4   
Is rest assured in your great love  
D C/G G C/E Em   
Chorus: You are mag ni ficent, Eternally  
Am C/D   
Wonderful, Glorious  
Gsus4 D/F# Em Am7 Dsus4   
Je sus, No one ever will compare  
C Intro  
To you Jesus  


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