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Irresistable Chords

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Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by FerdyKorp

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	  Intro: A G A G 
A             G 
I behold your power and glory 
A                 G 
Bring an offering come before You 
Em  D/F#    G 
Worship You Lord 
       Em7            D/F# A 
In the beauty of Your holi ness 
A   D      G2 
Whenever I call You're there 
  Bm7        A/C# 
Redeemer and friend 
D           G2 
Cherished beyond all words 
     Bm7        A/C# D 
This love never ends 
F2                       BbMaj7  C        D 
Morning by morning, Your mercy awakens my soul 
I lift up my eyes to see 
    Bm7        A/C#   D       G2 
The wonders of heaven opening over me 
     Bm7       A/C# 
Your goodness abounds 
       D        F2                BbMaj7   C        D 
You've taken my breath away, with Your irresistible love  


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