Hillsong Australia

My Heart Is Overwhelmed

Hillsong Australia

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My Heart Is Overwhelmed

Capo on 4th fret

Instro:  Am  F  C  C

Verse 1 

Perfect in love 
F                           G      Am          
Lord You came to earth You rescued me 
    F        G                C          
You took my place upon that cross 
      F                           G       Am          
The stains that held me back were washed away 
     F        G                   
You made me whole 

F G Am C Your love has set the broken captives free F G Am C Your love released the chains once binding me F G F C E Am I'm found in grace in love's em-brace F G C My heart is overwhelmed
Verse 2 I stand redeemed Your Spirit now alive within my heart I'll walk with You all of my days And I shall live to glorify You God Hear my soul rejoice Intro: Am F C G (3x) F C E G C BRIDGE Am F C G Sings my soul of how Your love has set me free Am F C G Sings my heart of how Your mercy rescued me Am F Hear my cry of endless love C G To my Saviour and to my King F C E G C My heart is over-whelmed

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