Hillsong Australia

Love You So Much

Hillsong Australia

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by  GFJ38

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Love You So Much

	  		Introd.: F#m/A  Em/A  F#m/A  Em/A  Em/D   D9 

D9                                       G7+ 
Hear these praises from a grateful heart 

Each time I think of You, the praises start 
        F#m/A Em/A   F#m/A  Em/A             Em/D D9   
Love you so   much,  Je.....sus,   love  You so   much 

Lord, I love You, and my heart sings 
In Your presence, carried on Your wings 
Love You so much, Jesus, love You so much 
Bm7               F#m7 
How my soul longs for You 
	  G7+           D9 
Longs to worship You forever 
        G     A/G       F#m7   F#/A#   Bm7 
In Your po....wer and ma.......jes......ty 

I lift my hands, I lift my heart 
I lift my voice towards the heavens 
For You are my sun and shield 

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