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Light of the world Chords

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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Lindz

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Light of the world

	  E                Bsus                          F#m                 
Light of the world you stepped down into darkness  
E                   Bsus            A  
Opened my eyes let me see  
E                  Bsus       F#m    
Beauty that made this heart adore you  
E             Bsus                A  
Hope of a life spent with you  
Bsus                     E  
So here i am to worship  
E                  B/D#  
Here i am to bow down  
                   E/G#                       A  
Here i am to say that you're my God  
                            E                         B/D#  
You're altogether lovely, altogether worthy  
                      E/G#      A  
altogether wonderful to me.  
E              Bsus           F#m       
King of all days oh so highly exalted  
E                 Bsus    A/E  
Glorious in heaven above  
E                    Bsus       F#m             
Humbly you came to the earth you created  
E        Bsus                      A/E  
All for loves sake became poor  
B/D#            E/G#          A                     
And I'll never know how much it cost  
B/D#      E/G#  A                  
to see my sin apon that cross  
B/D#        E/G#     A              
I'll never know how much it cost  
B/D#       E/G#     A     B   (E)  
To see my sin opon that cross

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