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High School Musical

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Em                      C                              Am              D                    Em                      C 
The day the door is closed The echoes fill your soul They won't say which way to go 
  Am         D                             Em                        C                         Am                      D 
Just trust your heart | To find why you're here for  Open another door 
 Em                      C                              Am              D 
But I'm not sure anymore It's just so hard 

(  Em    C     Am     Am     D  ) 

Em                               C                                        Am                       D 
Voices in my head Tell me they know best Got me on the edge 
They're pushin', pushin' They're pushin' 
Em                               C                                        Am           D 
I know they've got a plan But the ball's in my hands 
This time is man-to-man I'm drivin, fightin, inside of 

C                                            Am                               D      D                 D D                  D 
a world that's upside down It's spinning faster    What do I do now  Without you 
Em                                                      C                              Am                                                       D 
I don't now where to go What's the right team  I want my own thing So bad i'm going scream 
Em                                                      C                     Am                                                       D 
I can't choose, so confused What's it all means  I want my own dream So bad i'm going scream 
Em                               C                                        Am                       D 
I'm kicking down the walls I gotta make 'em fall 
Just break through 'em all I'm punchin', crashing, I'm gonna 
Em                               C                                        Am           D 
Fight to find myself Me and no one else 
Which way, I can't tell I'm searchin', searchin', can't find the 
C                                            Am                               D 
(Way that I should turn) I should, to right or left, it's... It's like nothing works REFRÃO 
Em                                                      C                                     Am                                   D 
I don't know where to go What's the right team  I want my own thing I want my own thing 
Em                                                      C 
I can't chose, so confused  What's it all mean 
Am                                                       D 
I want my own dream  So bad I'm gonna scream 
Em    C    Em 

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