High School Musical

Bop to the top

High School Musical

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by  MOEE

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Bop to the top

		   Gm F  
Ay que fabulosa!  
Ay! Ay!, Ay!       Arriba!  
Gm F		Gm  
          Mira me  
I belived in dreaming  
Shooting for the stars  
 Gm           F  
Baby to be number one  
You?ve got to raise the bar  
                              F                                  Eb  
A kickin? and scratchin? grindin? out my best  
  Gm            F                                              Gm  N.C.  
Anything it takes to climb the lader of success  
Cm                                      Dm N.C  
Work our tails of ev?ry day  
  We gotta bump the competition,  
F                         D7/F#  
Blow them all away  

Caliente! Suave!  

                                Eb                    F  
Yeah! We?re gonna bop, bop, bop, bop to the top  
Dm7                     Gm  
Slip and slide and ride that rhythm  
Eb                    F  
Jump and pop, hop till we drop  
         Dm7/G      G7  
And st__ar      again  
Eb                   F  
Zip, zap, zop, flop like a mop  
Dm7                    Gm  
Scoot around the corner  
Move it to the the groove ?till the music stop  
           D7                    Gm               F  
Do the bop, bop, bop, bop to the top  
Don?t ever stop  
Gm                F  
Bop to the top  
    Gimme, Gimme  
    Shimmy, shimmy  
Gm                                                   Dm N.C  
Shake some botty and turn around  
Flash a smile in their direction  
D7 N.C   
     Show some muscle  
     Do the hustle  
                                Eb                    F  
Yeah! We?re gonna bop, bop, bop, bop to the top  
Dm7                       Gm  
Wipe away in your inhibitions  
Eb                              F  
Stomp, stomp, stomp    do the romp  
    Dm7/G            G7  
Str___ut    your stuff  
Eb                      F  
Bop bop bop, straight to the top  
Dm7               Gm  
Going for the glory  
Ebmaj7                                                 Dm7    D7  
We?ll keep steping up and just won?t stops    (stop)  
                            Gm  F  Eb  
?till the reach the t_____op  
Gm/D   D        Gm     
Bop      to the top  


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