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my mamma's prayer Chords

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my mamma's prayer

	  capo 1 
G Em D C D 
There were (G)many times when (G7)Iwas young 
I saw (C)tears in mamma's (G)eyes 
And I didn't know what (Em)things it was 
That (A)made my mamma (D)cry 
But(G)as the years went(G7)by I(C)understood each (G)tear 
Mamma cried for her (Em)children 
While (D)she was livin' (G)here 
And she prayed, (G)Lord please save my children 
I'm (C)askin' you to(G)day 
Lord, please save my (Em)children 
Don't (A)let them stray a(D)way 
Just (G)keep your hands upon them 
Don't (C)let them die in(G) vain 
But Lord, please save my (Em)children 
Oh (D)this I pray to(G)day 
G Em D C D 
And (G)now the years, they've (G7)come and gone 
Since my (C)mamma passed a(G)way 
But back in my (Em)memory, I can (A)hear her every(D)day 
Oh I (G)hear those prayers that she (G7)prayed to God 
For her (C)children every(G)day 
She was hoping that she'd just(Em) hear me say 
(D)Mamma....I got(G) saved!!! (C) (D) 
But (G)Lord, please save my (Em)children 
Oh (D)this I pray to(G)day 

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