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Who Will You Run To Chords


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Who Will You Run To

(A)You're not sure what you want to do with your
life, but you (D) sure don't want me in it.  (A)Yeah
you're sure the life your living with me can't go (D)
on one single minute.  (G) (D) (E) And there's a new
one waiting (F#) outside this door and (A) now's the
(D)time to begin it.

(G) (D) (E) You found a new (D) world and you want to
taste it (E) but that world can turn cold (D) and you
better face it (A)...
Who will you run (E) to when it all falls (D) down, who's gonna pick (G) your world up off the (A)ground. Who's gonna take (E) away the tears you (D) cry, who's gonna love (G) you baby as good as (A)
VERSE2: You won't know what it's like to live on your own, you've always had me there beside you. You think it's easy finding someone out there who's gonna care as much as I do. What's gonna happen baby when you find out, there's no one there to cry to. You can tell the whole world how you're gonna make it, you can follow your heart but what ya do when someone breaks it?

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