Hayes Carll

She Left Me For Jesus

Hayes Carll

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She Left Me For Jesus

Year: 2008 - Album: Trouble in Mind

	  		She left me for jesus 
Hayes carll 

                   A                                    D 
We''ve been datin since high school we never once left this 

             A                               D   D7 
We use to go out on the weekends and we''d drink til we  

        G                            Bm 
But now shes acting funny and i dont understand 
                  A                    D 
I think that shes found her some other man 

G D She left me for jesus and that just aint fair A D She says that hes perfect how could i compare G Bm She says i should find him and ill know peace at last A D If i ever find jesus im kickin his ass
She showed me a picture all i could do was stare At that freak in his sandals with his long pretty hair They must think that im stupid or i dont have a clue Ill bet hes a commie or ever worse yet a jew Repeat chorus Solo Shes given up whiskey and ah takin up wine While she prays for his troubles shes forgot about mine Im a gonna get even i cant handle the shame Why last time we made love she even called out his name Repeat chorus It coulda been carlos or even billy ortez But if i ever find jesus Hes gonna wish he was dead Amen Thanks to gee for tabs

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