The Dragon's Tears


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The Dragon's Tears

Intro: Bbm Ab Bbm Ab 

Bbm                               Db 
I walked a thousand miles in the desert 
To look for the sun 
Because I thought I'd find it there 
All I found was the same old darkness 
       Fm          Bbm 
Just like everywhere 
               Db                 Fm 
I saw myself fading away, in the dust 
of the day 
I felt myself drowning in the sand, 
  Fm             Bbm 
in the no-man's land 
     F#             Ebm      Bbm         Ab 
The sand was in my mouth and my hair and I 
               Bbm       Fm 
searched for water 
               Bbm      FmAb 
The water was toxic and it  
made me sick 
F#      Bbm             Ab             Bbm   F# 
I saw water fall to the middle of the desert 
         Bbm           Ab             Bbm 
I saw a golden sun and I started to run 
Ab                                  Bbm 
"One, two, three, don't look behind you 
Ab                            Bbm 
Four, five, six, just go your way" 
Eb Ab                           Bbm 
      Said the voice inside my head, 
Ab                                  Bbm 
    I'd be there at the end of the day. 

Ab Bbm Ab Bbm 
On my way I met with a dragon 
         Fm          Bbm 
who was breathing ? fire 
He said he was called the master of the desert 
     Fm               Bbm 
But I  - called him a liar 
He said he could burn everything 
       Fm   C       Fm    Bb 
and so he   was the King 
            Bbm         Db 
He told me, with his breath 
C           Fm          Bbm 
he could turn    life to death 
       F#                        Bbm     Ab           Bbm 
So he was bound to stay in the desert for all   his life 
Db          F#       Bbm    Ab         Bbm 
and he said he would never, never find a wife 
F#              Bbm                   Ab                  Bbm   
Tears dropped out of his eyes and he said he preferred to die 
F#         Bbm       Ab        Bbm 
than being alone for all     his life 
And I said 
 Ab                                 Bbm 
"One, two, three, don't look behind you 
Ab                            Bbm 
Four, five, six, just go your way 
Ab                              Bbm 
you'll find your love in the desert 
Ab                          Bbm 
you'll see she is not far away" 

Ab Bbm Ab Bbm 

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