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Sweet Pea's Lullaby Chords

Harry Nilsson

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by joboa

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Sweet Pea's Lullaby

	  C                       G        C                 G  
Everybody needs to have somebody even if itís only me 
So stop your crying sweet pea and try to go to sleep 
I donít know how you got here, I donít know if you care 
You could have come from heaven or a typhoon anywhere 
Well me I came from heaven of Catalina lagoon 
And I have told me man keep me up in a typhoon 

So don't you cry, little Swee'pea, You and me, weíre both the same, 
And the biggest tear I ever seen Came from the eye of a hurricane. 

C                   G           C                 G 
Go to sleep, sleep sleepy. I'll tell you what you see. 
                                                        C   G  C  G   
And someday when you are older. I'll tell you all about me ...  

by: Josť Duarte 


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