Hannah Montana

We were a movie

Hannah Montana

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We were a movie

C#m B 
Uh  oh 
There you go again talking cinematic 
C#m  B 
Yeah you! 
You're charming, got everybody starstruck 
C#m B 
I   know 
How you always seem to go 
For the obvious instead of me 
But get a ticket and you'll see 
E C#m If we were a movie A B You'd be the right guy G#m C#m And I'd be the best friend A B That you'd fall in love with E C#m In the end we'd be laughing A B Watching the sunset G#m Fade to black C#m Show the names A Play that happy song
C#m Yeah, yeah A When you call me I can hear it in your voice C#m B Oh, sure! A Wanna see me And tell me all about her C#m B La La A I'll be acting through my tears Guess you'll never know F#m That I'll sure win B An Oscar for this scene I'm in
B A Wish I could tell you there's a twist E Some kind of hero in disguise And we're together B It's for real Now playing A C#m Wish I could tell you there's a kiss F#m Like something more than in my mind I see it B Could be amazing
(Could be amazing) (If we were a movie) {Chorus x3}

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