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the tramp on the street Chords

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the tramp on the street

	  CAPO: 1st FRET/KEY: Eb/PLAY: D 
D Only a  tramp was Lazarus sad G fate 
He who lay do-{A7} wn at the rich man's D  gate 
He begged for the crumbs from the rich man to G eat 
He was only a  D tramp found A7 dead on the D street. 
D He was some mother's darlin', he was some  mother's G son 
Once he was A7 fair and once he was D young 
And some  mother rocked him, her darlin' to G sleep 
But they left him to D die like  a A7 tramp on the D street. 
Jesus, He died on Calvary's tree 
He shed His  life's blood for you and for me 
They pierced His side and then His  feet 
And they left Him to die like a tramp on the street. 
He was Mary's own darlin', he was God's chosen Son 
Once He was fair and once He was young 
Mary, she rocked Him, her  darlin' to sleep 
But they left Him to die like a tramp on the  street.    
If Jesus should come and knock on your  door 
For a place to come in, or bread from your store 
Would you welcome  Him in, or turn Him away  
Then the God's would deny you on the Great  Judgement Day.    
The Tramp On The Street 

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