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Outlaw Woman Chords

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Outlaw Woman

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Repeat 4 1/2 ---------------3p2---------------------------0----------0 --------3-------------3---------------3----------3------- -----2----2--------------2----------------0---------0---- --0-------------------------------2----------------------- --------------------------------3------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------
D A She works in the bank, and she D works in the store , and she dont A D go - for that old stuff anymore A She likes to get high - and listen to D A the band - she likes to make love D to her kind of men F G D These Outlaw Women , first of there kind F G D Outlaw Women , they got here right on F G D time. Outlaw women , dont need any guns F G G D Outlaw women , just out for fun Fill : In many ways , she's alot like me She dont give a damn bout society might be a little rich girl or she might poor - Might be a married woman that needs a little more. F G D Shes a outlaw woman , first of her kind F G D These outlaw women , riding high in 79 F G D These outlaw women , dont need any guns F G G These outlaw women , just out for fun . Fill : D A D Some call her a lady , some call her other A names , but you wont ever call her that D around me and my gang

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