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Clovis, New Mexico Chords

Hank Williams Jr

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Clovis, New Mexico

     G      D         G            D        C                          G   
Well me and Billy, we left Bossier City and decided that we'd head out west 
        G        D            G           D    C                D       G 
We been east and south but it didn't work out, we were getting' nowhere fast 
G          D          G            D       C                    G 
Me with my guitar and him with his saddle, tryin' to out do the rest 
G         D             G             D                   C           D        G 
I sang my heart out and he rides them broncs down, that's what me and Billy do best 
        G          D          G          D          C               G 
We took Interstate 20 'til we ran out of money at a place just past Abilene 
     G         D              G          D             C              D            G 
So I sang at a honky tonk and he broke a bad bronc and we bought some gas and some beans 
       G           D           G          D        C                  G 
With a whole lotta luck and an old pickup truck we made it to New Mexico 
   G            D            G           D                  F        C          G  
We pulled up in Clovis and I sure didn't notice this was as far as I ever would go 
  G           D              G        D         C                     G 
I needed some strings, Billy wanted a ring, the kind that the Indians make 
  G              D             G          D             F             C       G 
A voice said "Hello Boys I got silver and turquoise and that's when I saw her face 
Chorus 1: 
              C       C/B  Am   D            G 
That's when I noticed      that girl down in Clovis 
               F      C             G    
A black haired beauty, she set fire to me 
             C   C/B  Am     D               G  
A green eyed lady     in old jeans that were faded 
            F                       C                     G 
Oh I didn't notice what happened in Clovis but I call her baby 
I asked her with care if she'd like to share her evening with someone like I 
I said I ain't a winner, just a hard livin' singer, she smiled and said meet me at 9 
We ate tacos and talked and then we took a walk in the clean southwestern air 
Then we went back to her house, I took my guitar and sang of my joy and despair 
She sent me her wine and she helped me write lines to songs that I could not complete 
And her eyes seemed to say put that guitar away, there's something that both of us need 
What a beautiful site was her face in the light of the candles there on the wall 
And we reached the heights of good love on that night and I hope we never will fall 
And I'm glad I noticed that girl down in Clovis 
The daughter of a driller, she's a born thriller 
A green eyed lady, kinda wild kinda lazy 
I never noticed what happened in Clovis but I call her baby 

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