Hank Snow

I Don't Hurt Anymore

Hank Snow

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I Don't Hurt Anymore

Capo on 2nd fret
	  		nd FRET  KEY: B  PLAY: A 
A It don't hurt any-{D} more 
All my teardrops are A dried  
No more walkin' the E floor  
With that E7 burnin' in-{A} side 
Just to think it could D be 
Time has opened the A door 
And at last I am E free 
I Don't E7 Hurt Any-{A} more. 
No D use to deny I wanted to die 
The day you A said we were through 
But B now that I find you're out of my mind 
E I can't believe that it's E7 true 
I've D forgotten somehow 
That I cared so be-{A} fore 
And it's wonderful E now 
I Don't E7 Hurt Any-{A} more. 

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chords Hank Snow - I Don't Hurt Anymore chords Hank Snow - I Dont Hurt Anymore
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