Hank Snow

Galveston Rose

Hank Snow

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Galveston Rose

	  		C                            F            C 
Down in old southern Texas I wandered one day 

          D7                   G7 
Where the tropical sea breezes blow 

  C                         F         C 
I there fell in love with a flower so rare 

                    G7            C 
And they called her the Galveston rose 

                             F            C 
Her heart was as true as her blue smiling eyes 

       D7                    G7 
And as pure as the lily that grows 

    C                        F            C 
And the finest of gold in no way could compare 

                  G7           C 
With the curls of my Galveston rose 

       G7                  C 
I grew jealous and falsely accused her one day 

         D7                      G7 
Said her love I no longer should know 

     C                               F            C 
I?ve been true please believe me her little heart cried 

               G7           C 
But I left her my Galveston rose 

                             F             C 
Little then did I think that sometimes I?d repay 

          D7                    G7 
And would reap every sorrow and care 

       C                         F           C 
But as years passed along I grew lonely each day 

                  G7           C 
For the one I had left waiting there 

     G7                      C 
So I wrote to my darling and said I was wrong 

     D7                         G7 
I?ll return dear if you?ll only wed 

    C                     F          C 
But soon came a letter my flower had died  

                  G7           C 
And these are the words that I read 

                              F          C 
Your sweetheart is peacefully sleeping tonight 

     D7                            G7 
In a grave where the white violets grow 

    C                         F             C 
And enclosed there?s a curl a last token of love 

                G7             C 
And a note from your Galveston Rose 

      G7                       C 
I was innocent dear though you left me alone 

    D7                    G7 
But remember I loved only you 

        C                         F              C 
And the lock that?s enclosed is a curl from your rose 

                     G7         C 
Who?ll be waiting in heaven for you 

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