Hank Snow

Blue Bird Island

Hank Snow

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Blue Bird Island

	  		C  G7      C        F        C                 
My ship set sail to Bluebird Island 
C          G7             C     
And slowly drifted out to sea 
    G7     C        F         C                 
Her silver sails to cross the ocean 
           G7               C         
My lover's lonely heart set free. 
C          F          C         G7         C           
Then out a---cross the waves,the bluebirds came one day 
    G7                        C                 
Out o'er the silver sea, your message brought to me 
   D                              G7          
To sail my ship of love along the moonlit bay 
    D                            G7      
And anchor in the harbor of your heart. 
(no chord)      C        F        C             
The trade winds there on Bluebird Island 
               G7            C        
Soon dried her lonely tears a--way 
    G7      C        F     C                   
The treasure I found broken-hearted 
           G7                C          
Was locked within my heart to stay. 

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