Hank Locklin

Geisha Girl

Hank Locklin

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Geisha Girl

Have you ever heard a love song 
          G            D 
That you didn't under-stand 
           G           D 
Where you met her in a tea house, 
On the Island of Japan 
             D                                  G 
And have you ever travelled over many thousand miles 
                 D                      A7        D 
To see a pretty Gesiha Girl, dressed in Oriental style. 
      G              D                   A7           D 
They read it in the tealeaves and it's written in the sand 
  G                 D                                 A7 
I found love by the heart full, in a foreign distant land 
Tell the home folks that I'm happy 
With someone that's true, I know 
                 D                      A7           D 
I love a pretty Geisha Girl, where the ocean breezes blow. 
        G                      D 
I have stood and watched the sun rise, from the waters of  
the sea 
     G                  D          
And wondered how much beauty, in this whole world can there  
My dreams are all worth dreamin' and it makes my life  
   D                            A7                 D 
To see my pretty Geisha Girl, dressed in Oriental style. 

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