Hamish Imlach

Smokers Song

Hamish Imlach

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Smokers Song

C  G  C  G  x3 

    C     G      C 
Now I'm a social outcast 
  F          C 
A modern-day refugee 
F            G            F           G 
Joy turns to gloom when I walk into a room 
     D                        G 
They all turn their back upon me 
C         G         C 
I'm not a thug or a mugger 
     F                   Em 
I've not murdered anyone yet 
    F         F           G             Am 
But you would think I was Charles bloody Manson 
     D            G      C    A 
When I light up a cigarette 

D  G  C  G 

C                   G          C 
Some folk get their kicks from alcohol 
F                          C 
Some stuff their nose with cocaine 
F              G            F     G 
Some folk like knocking old women about 
D                          G 
Some like tae batter their weans 
        C           G          C 
There's masochists, sadists or rapists 
F                          Em 
Folk that like dressing in drag 
F            F     G             Am 
I'm no' like them, that's no' my game 
      D             G              C    A 
Gimme peace just to light one more fag 

D  G  C  G 

        C              G        C 
You can snuff it doing too much exercise 
        F                  C 
You can snuff it not doing enough 
        F           G          F 
You can snuff it by eating too little 
    G             D                   G 
You know, you can snuff it eating too much 
        C        G           C 
You can snuff it staying out late at night 
        F                      Em 
You can snuff it lying in your bed 
      F      F              G            Am 
So my way of snuffing is to keep right on puffing 
     D     G          C    A 
It's on my own bloody head 
     D     G          C    G 
It's on my own bloody head 

        C           G       C 
Spare a thought for all the smokers 
F                       C 
Doing their bit for the Crown 
F        G      F             G 
Remember when a smoker lights up 
     D            G          C    A 
He's keeping your income tax down 

Yes he is 
     D            G          C 
He's keeping your income tax down 

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