Hamilton Luduvice

Taste The World

Hamilton Luduvice

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Taste The World

Am           C         Em 
Look at yourself and fall somewhere  
F          C      G 
Live on a single day 
Am          C             Em   F      C      G 
Wish to be more than you have been until today 

          Am       C      G 
There is nowhere (2X) 

Am           C          Em 
Drop your barriers and move it 
F            C     G 
this is the only way 
Am          C      Em 
Grow up and do whatever  
F                    C   G 
Everything is gonna be ok 

          Am       C    G 
There is nowhere (2X) 

E                                                      Am 
Picture yourself living the life you've always dreamed of 

E                                                       Am 
There is no time to lose so stand up and go taste the world 

C    G      D     A 
C    G      D     A    E 

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