Hamilton Joe Frank and Reynolds

Dont pull your love

Hamilton Joe Frank and Reynolds

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Dont pull your love

	  		Standard Tuning 
Chords Used  
G     320033 
A     002220 
Am   002210 
D     000232 
C     032010 
G/F#  200233 
Em7   022033 
Intro  G - G/F# (3times) 
                 G               D               
Don't pull your love out on me, baby 
       C                     G 
If you do then I think that maybe 
           C               G                 D 
I'll just lay me down and cry for a hundred years 
                 G                 D 
Don't pull your love out on me, honey 
          C                  G 
Take my heart, my soul, my money 
             C       D              G    D 
But don't leave me drownin' in my tears 
                 G         Am 
You say you're gonna leave 
                D              G 
Gonna take that big white bird 
                 Am         G 
Gonna fly right out of here 
            D          G 
Without a single word 
                       Am            D 
Don't you know you'll break my heart 
                   G   G/F#  Em7 
When I watch you close that door 
          G           A         D 
'Cause I know I won't see you anymore 
Haven't I been good to you? What about that brand new ring? 
Doesn't that mean love to you? Doesn't that mean anything? 
If I threw away my pride And I got down on my knees 
Would you make me beg you, "pretty please?" 
There's so much I wanna do 
I've got love enough for two 
Am                                            D 
But I'll never use it, girl, if I don't have you 
(Chorus Repeats 2 times) 


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