Hall & Oates

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (acoustic)

Hall & Oates

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Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (acoustic)


   A        Dm/G                              A 
 I          feel           like I could run away 
G                    D 
Looking at a darker day 
        G                  A 
Oh I'm pulling the shades away from my eyes 

         A         Dm/G                    A                              
It's true      the moody  manners come and go 
          G                      C 
And it's better that you never know 

C Fm Some things are better left unsaid C Fm Some strings are better left undone C Fm A A7 A A7 Some hearts are better left unbroken C Fm Some lives are better left untouched C Fm Some lies are better off believed C Fm A A7 A A7 Some words are better left unspoken
A Dm/G A My ideas seem to frighten you G D Are you really that afraid to move G A Oh I guess that it's your right to reason A G A I'm still dealing with a force that's so strong G C The force is stringing us along Chorus solo before outro: A A7 (ad nauseum) C G C G A Outro: A C G D A

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