Halia Meguid


Halia Meguid

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Capo on 3rd fret

Am                                 E 
blue as night, the ravenstag was flying 
        E                                  Am 
as you plucked the hyde, the beast stood crying 
            Dm                                  Am 
was it ever not enough to torment enough, cried out the blood in the veins 
        E                          Am 
of the ravenstag who told me your name 

       Am                                 E 
i've started dreaming the most peculiar pictures 
     E                                 Am 
the blacks and whites and colors are richer 
                 Dm                              Am 
did you feel it kind enough, yes kind enough to plant the seed in my brain 
        E                        Am 
of the ravenstag whispering your name 

Am                                   E 
vulgar fruit, it gleams like vulgar diamonds 
   E                  Am 
a picture of my own designing 
                      Dm                                         Am  
wish they'd said, "beware the signs, the meats and wines of the velvet joy and the pain 
        E                 Am 
of the ravenstag when he calls your name" 

F, C, C, Dm, E 

F, C, C, Dm, E, E, E, E 
(bridge, bach aria medley) 
Am                            E 
come into my parlor says the spider 
         E                                        Am 
close my eyes, the space between heartbeats grows wider 
              Dm                              Am 
maybe i'm not brave enough or sane enough to steady the knife of the gaze 
        E                          Am 
of the ravenstag as it whispers my name 

Am                                   E 
morning's come and the ravenstag's behind me 
       E                            Am 
i'm a crimson stain and no wind can dry me 
         Dm                               Am 
is an enemy enough to keep the love of a monster that swallows and maims 
          E                     Am 
the same ravenstag who knows my name? 

F, C 

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