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Money Chords

Haley Bonar

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by bombaXXX

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Em, C, G, Gsus2(maj7) 

Em, C, G, Gsus2(maj7) (Repeat through entire song.) 

There?s a new war coming. 
And it lives in the wires of an oven, and the pockets of the jeans that you love, and  
the hair of the woman that you covet. 
Money you love it, and you sure can't live without it, but you got a hole up in your  
pocket the size of the lover in your locket. 
And the skies will all turn violet, you're scared and silent, quiet as a newborn violin. 
But maybe that?s the new kind of violence. 
Money I love it, and I sure can't live without it, oh but I got a hole up in my pocket. 
I got a hole up in my pocket. 
Money, yeah. 
Money, yeah. 
Money, yeah, yeah, yeah. 
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. 
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 

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