Guy Sebastian

Get Along

Guy Sebastian

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Get Along

Intro: G  Em D D

G                           Em                         D      D
Some only want some shelter,some want a mansion in the sky 

G                            Em                          D        D
Some want a thousand virgins,some move matter with their minds 

Pre chorus 

G                           A                        Bm 
when all the worlds collide,all we know is to divide and its easy if their 
faceless to hate the other side 
G                             A                          Bm 
and the others caught between are the only ones to bleed and the ones they leave behind  
can only sit and cry 

D Bm F#m Dear god, dear soul, dear Mary,Muhummad, can we all just get along, can we all just get along D Bm F#m dear heart, dear life, dear soldier, dear matyr, where did we go wrong, D can we all just get along
Verse 2: G Em D D some set fire to crosses,some fight to ride the bus they choose G Em D D some don't believe at all but do anything to make the news Pre-chorus same Chorus same Bridge

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