Gus Hillen


Gus Hillen

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A lonely man that walks alone 
G                F#/D          Am 
Looking for some blood in the wind 

Down in his soul he felt 
G               F#/D        Am 
Life was ending but not for him 
He thought?Its my call 

The small town just down the hill 
G                 F#/D            Am 
Was the target to his old friend Bill 

They met on the dawn of day 
G               F#/D           Am 
Triggers ready to start the flame?he said 
F#/D                         Am 
You better hold yer gun hold it on to you 
Cause now you'll walk alone 
                        C             G 
You'll walk alone to the other side my friend 

Am                           C 
You gotta wonder  why you are leaving 
            G              F#/D 
From this world to nowhere's land 
Am                           C 
You must be praying cause you will need it 
      G               F#/D        Am 
To repent of all your dues?goodbye 

Looking for the folks in town 
G              F#/D             Am 
Every face was hiding from the streets 
Am                              G           F#/D         Am 
He went to drink another shot thinking what life's done to him 
         F#/D                       Am 
You better going home, rolling on to gloom 
   F#/D                              C                  G 
Cause now you walk alone, you walk alone to the afterlife my friend 

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