Gus Hillen

Broken Song

Gus Hillen

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Broken Song

	  		Dm          Am           Gm 
You say my space is paralyzed 
Dm          Am            Gm  
There's not an empty road for this guy 
Dm                         Am              Gm 
You keep me chained in your bed all night long 
Dm                     Am                Gm 
And you know what you're doing can't be wrong 

Bb          C7       C#m     
You say you want it all over 
Dm         C           Bb 
And again again again oh baby 
So honey let's get it on!   

Gm               Am               Dm     C 
Baby I'm broken, broken, wanting more 
Gm               Am               Dm     C 
I know that you opened heart and mind before  

Bb               C7          
I grab your hips to make you pleased 
C#m              Dm            C       Bb           A7    
I play your slave because you are my queen has always been 

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