I Am Just A Man


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I Am Just A Man

	  		I Am Just a Man ? Gungor 
(in E harmonic minor)  

Intro Chords: Bsus --- B (7x) 

verse 1 
  Em          Eb Em      D/G                  A 
I fall on my face, as I walk into the room 
C7                                                 B 
Make ?em think that I am one of them 
  Em           Eb Em             D           A 
I smile and I nod, with an ineffectual amen 
C7                                             B 
Though I don't believe a word they?ve said 

Em F# Bsus G A I am just a man, C7 B Trying to be more than I am Em F# Bsus G A Wake my ? self again C7 B Take my heart from this old shifting sand
Instrumental: Bsus --- B (5x) verse 2 Em Eb Em D/G A I speak of the poor, but I live with the rich C7 B Is that my hate for saying us and them? Em Eb Em D A Hypocrisy I hate, as a hypocrite I am C7 B Transparent to the point that they?ll forget
C7 Bsus B Will my faith find solid ground again? Outro Chords: Bsus --- B (9x)
I play piano, so I'm not sure if there's any way to play some of these chords on a single guitar. To achieve the sound of the song, maybe you could have a base player play the bottom not of that chord. (Ex: for Eb Em, the bass player would play the Eb and the guitarist would proceed to play the Em chord.) Have fun!

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