Guided By Voices

Paper Girl

Guided By Voices

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Paper Girl

verse 1 

G       Am      Bm 
Now you call me up 
   C                   G  
To tell me that you're lonely 
G       Am          Bm 
I won't make things up 
    C                     G        C 
And tell you that they're only for you 
                              Am       Bm         G 
?Cause that wouldn't make you feel any different about me 
Without me 

verse 2 

  G       Am            Bm 
A message to the paper girl 
      C             G 
Don't fall apart so easily 
G             Am                   Bm 
Don't cry too much, you'll get all wet 
    C                   G                 C 
And that don't make much sense to me, you see 
                          Am          Bm         G  
?Cause that would mend my heart and I won't feel blue 


Am                              Bm 
That's not true (that's not true) 
I need more but it's not like me to fuss 
With the problems of us 
          Am             Am6 
When it's likely to be in this state with me 

verse 3 

But here I go again 
        C                  G 
And the paper girl's gonna blow away 
         C             G 
And it's one game that I won't play 
    Am  Bm  Am  Bm 
For you  
    Am  C      Am G 
For you    and me 

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