Guided By Voices

A Man Called Aerodynamics

Guided By Voices

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A Man Called Aerodynamics

Intro: G  Am  Bm  Am  G

verse 1 

G                Am 
Find deep within your memory coat 
Bm                C 
A cricket bag you ate from 
    G              Am 
Its sweet smiling apology 

Acceptance awaits you 
Bm                 C       D 
Don?t be afraid to cherish it 
Em      D         C       G      Am 
Look it up in the bookmobile 
Em      D         C   Bm 
Look it up in the gun rack 
In the magazine rack 
And the map 

verse 2 

          G    Am        Bm          C 
For it is only after the fence comes down 
G                Am     Bm     C 
That the cartoon bubble explodes 
And the new party begins 
Em    D             C                    G     Am 
Invitation only, in stealing a senator?s suitcase 
Em       D                     C 
Let them out and dance for the ant god 
Bm         C          D           G    Am 
Like scary magnets to pounce upon command 
Bm       C 
Upon the man 
    D          Em     D 
The man called Aerodynamics 

G  Am  Bm  Am  G 

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