Grizzly Bear

Ready, Able

Grizzly Bear

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Ready, Able

C (palm mute and pluck throughout the verse at a steady pace) 
I'm gonna take a stab at this 
sure you will be alright 
make a decision with a kiss 
baby I have false spite 

(The bridge is pretty straight forward, just remember that it is in 3/4 timing!) 
Dm                G 
And when I trek alone back home 
Dm                         G 
I make sure I trek in the snow 
Would I fall? 

C (same as verse before) 
Tissue and bones, it was a trick 
this isn't a gun-fight 
checking it off of my list 
unable to rewrite 

(Bridge, same as before) 

Dm                             G 
Five years cast once and far alone 
Dm                    G 
hope I'm ready, able to make my own 

(For this part, the Chorus, you play the Dm for 2 bars, as well as the Am and G. This 
part is also in 3/4 timing.) 
Repeat 4 times 

They go, we go 
I want you to know 
what I did, I did 

(For this next part play the Dm for 4 bars, and the Am and G for 2). 

Am G Dm, Am G Dm 

(repeat Chorus twice, the second time you play Dm for 4 bars). 

They go, we go 
I want you to know 
what I did, I did 

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