Greyson Chance


Greyson Chance

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D                                 G 
Let's go take a drive and think about our lives 
D                             G 
passing through meridians of greater times 
           Eadd9 / E  
I was on a different road, 
             Gm6         A 
but now I've found my home within you. 

Verso 2: 
D                                G 
We can kill some time and watch movies all night, 
D                               G 
later we'll be talking as the sky turns light. 
             Eadd9 / E 
Every morning spent with you 
                    Gm6              A 
Cause every night I love the truth. 

D  -  G  (x3) 
D  -  A 

Verso 3: 
     D                                G 
The timing never felt so right, this feeling's unknown 
    D                     G 
My love as a meridian continues to grow 
       Eadd9       E  
Oh the lines they used to say 
      Gm6             A 
What type of life we lived 

But now we're creating them. 

D  -  G  (x3) 
D  -  A 

Verso 4: 
D                        G 
We're flying to another time 
     D                                  G 
Our lives, they've been circled, been entwined 
Eadd9             A 
Kiss my lips and take me there 
        F#7            Bm           Em 
To heights unheard of, thoughts unreal 
You're so unreal. 

D                                G 
Let's go take a drive and think about our lives 
D                              G 
Passing through meridians of greater times 
F             G 
 Greater times 
A             Bm 
 Greater times. 

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