Gregory Page

Love Made Me Drunk

Gregory Page

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Love Made Me Drunk

	  		This is my first time doing something like this, so if I did anything wrong, 
feedback is highly appreciated! 

Intro (play verse and Chorus once) 

D7                                 G                              D7 
     All my friends they say I'm crazy for loving you 
                                    G                        Em 
You're driving me to drink myself drunk before noon 
                Em7                  C              Cm 
You say you're coming back so I'll wait for a blue moon 

G              D/F#  Em 
   I open the door 
                Cmaj7         G 
Watch your ghost appear once more 
              D/F#  Em 
You tell me lies 
I just nod with a smile 
And I raise my glass 
To your health 
Em                   Cmaj7 
Love of my life 
You treat me so well 
  D/F# Cmaj7/E    D7 
Oh so well... 

The nights are longer than the days 
That is for sure 
So drunk on cough syrup 
It tastes like a fancy liqueur 
Oh you say that you're coming back 
So I composed an overture 


Solo (play verse) 


Drum solo (play verse) 


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