Gregory Alan Isakov


Gregory Alan Isakov

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Capo on 3rd fret

Capo on 3rd  

Use the below diagram for chord reference 
first finger stays on b string throughout. 

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C G Am F e|---x---x---0---0---| B|---1---1---1---1---| G|---0---0---2---2---| D|---2---0---2---3---| A|---3---2---0---3---| E|---3---3---0---0---| -for intro and bridges C C G F e|-----------00-----------00-----------00-----0------11------| B|-----------11-----------11-----------11-----1------11------| G|-----------00-----------00-----------00-----2------22------| D|-----------22-----------22-----------00-----3------33------| A|----2------33-----------33-----------22-----3------33------| E|-----------33------0----00-----3-----33-----0------00------|
C G Am G F C G All inside, our Amsterdam she hides C G Am G F C watery-eyed that howling wind she's waving hi F C her other hands in mine (Bridge) CCGF x2 C G Am G F G C G Oh, oh silhouette, she's growing tall and fine C G Am G F C she's got my back, she'll follow me, down every street, F G Am no matter what my crime (Bridge) C F G Am C F C CCGF x2 C G Am G F C G All inside, our Amsterdam she flies C G Am G F C hoarding the kites, that howling wind she'll take everything, F G Am but she's easy on the eyes (Bridge) C F G Am C F C C C G F x2 C G F Oh churches and trains, C G F while they all look the same to me now, C G F they shoot you someplace C G F while we ache to come home somehow (outro) Am C F G C F..... This tab was created by Court .H

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