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Worn Chords

Greg Reichel

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Capo 2 
D                                     A            D 
Hes got a fixed rate morgtage for his house in the hills, 
D                          A       D 
He doesnt have a dollar to pay his bills, 
D                       A           D 
He cooks up meth in the back of his shack, 
D                            A          D 
Hes gonna leave sometime and never come back. 

G A D Hes beat Worn battered to the bone, G A D all he cares about is getting stoned, G A D Steve Earle is playin on his radio, G A D While hes banging his head to copperhead road.
D A D Hes never gonna make it in this world called life, D A D He has three kids and three ex wives, D A D He lives his life everyday by the drop, D A D He might live a little longer if he would just stop. Chorus D A D This time hes gonna waste it away, D A D not gonna get a chance to see another day, D A D Hes got that barrel pointed to the middle of his head, D A D Hes gonna pull the trigger and whind up dead. Chorus D A D Hes still banging his head to copperhead road

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