Greenland Is Melting

Hogtown Creek

Greenland Is Melting

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Hogtown Creek

Capo on 2nd fret

wait for the right time to grow older 
hold me like you never thought that i would ever leave 

i don't think we'll ever have the cash to pay  
ourselves what we thought they always owed us 

dig your feet in the soil  
hope they take root so that you'll always be right here 

F                                                                                  C 
i don't even want to sit and breathe the air if your not there if your not near me 

Am G7 C E7 and i found that heaven is a word we use for what we never will attain Am G7 C E7 its hard to think of all the things we lost but it's far worse when you lose them all again Am G7 C E7 C and now and then i find that we always knew the end would be exactly the same as how it all began Am G7 the earth will come crumbling down C as the sky burns red E7 C C/B Am G7 C the univerise will go ahead and simply fold in on itself and all existance will cease to have ever been
C help me up from the bank of this old creek you were always so fond of F nothing that we ever love will stay the same yeah we all will change yeah we all will grow old C i cant seem to let go of these memeories that lead me to thoughts of F everything i ever tried to say to you it fell so short of how i really feel now (Chorus) C please wake up right now please wake up right now please wake up right now please wake up

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