Great Lake Swimmers

Rivers Edge

Great Lake Swimmers

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Rivers Edge

Tabbed by: opensky_94 
Email: [email protected] 

This song is pretty simple with only picking three chords and you can strum it if you 
want. I put two parts to every chord, but I also heard another part on D. The last parts 
on every chord are mostly meant to be played when the song gets more intense and higher. 
It's a fun experimental song, try out different way to play it! :) 

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Tuning: Standard D C G e|---------------------2-2--------------------------------------------------------| B|------3-3-----3-3---------------------1-1---------------------------------------| G|-----2-2-----2-2----2-2-------0-0----0-0-------------------0-0------------------| D|----0--------------0---------2-2----2--------------0-0----0-0-------------------| A|------------0---------------3---------------------2-2----2----------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------3------------------------------|
Intro: D, C, G Verse 1: D C G D River's edge, so quiet and full of potential C G D With weeping trees and just enough nightfall C G D To cover up the strays D C I can hear boats in the distance G D Making saviours out of ordinary people
C G D Now they sing in a symphony of keepers C G D And they hail in the harmony of saviours
Verse 2: D C You've got to live, live, live, and love, love, love G D Whether you like it or not, I will love you
C G D Now the wind picks up swiftly and suddenly C G D And it's breathing as if from a mouth C G D And the edges are lungs that are heaving C G D And it's breathing now without my help C G D And we turn against the darkness with intention
Verse 3: D C G River's edge, you're all that I have D And a night filled with promises C G D And just enough nightfall to cover up the strays
C G D Now the river's like horses unbroken C G D And it really is time for a change C G D And it moves and connects with a uniform C G D And the bodies return to their makers C G D And it's good and it's true, let it wash over you C G D Untethered and without a reason
D C G ************************************

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